Friday, June 10, 2011

Test of new Emergency Alert System scheduled just before election day

Television and Broadcast Journal reports:
The feds have scheduled the first ever national test of the Emergency Alert System. The Federal Emergency Management Agency and the Federal Communications Commission will conduct the test Wednesday, Nov. 9 at 2 p.m. EST. The duration may last up to three-and-a-half minutes.

A national alert enables the president to break into regular broadcasts and address the American public during emergencies. One has never been issued in the history of the system, established in 1951 by then President Harry Truman during the Cold War....
The first test of this system will amount to a three minute "national meditation" on the threats to our way of life.  

We believe Nov 9th is the best day of the year to conduct annual tests, as it so close to election day. (We prefer that fears about national security threats rather than the state of the economy inform voter choices on election day.) We're excited by the last line of the article, that reads: 
After the first test in November, weekly or monthly tests are likely to become routine, according to the FCC.  
The more frequently such tests are conducted, the better for keeping America on its toes.  As for the first test, we have marked the day on our calendars.  We suspect that publicity leading up to the test -- the anticipation -- will generate as much anxiety as the test itself.


  1. Anonymous29.10.11

    "Without knowing what they ought to fear, US citizens might otherwise fail to support profitable national security initiatives."

    - Malcolm P. Stag III, Secretary of Fear

    "They" WANT us to fear THEM, (FEMA), so that we will be SO intimidated by them that we will ONLY do any and everything it is that they want us to do. And, they want the ability to completely cut off ALL forms and methods of communication among us, so that we will not know when "they" are doing "national security sweeps," and so that we cannot alert the rest of the nation to what they are doing, and, so we will not be able to communicate among ourselves for the purpose of COUNTERING their evil plans. "They" will be doing highly organized "sweeps" soon in order to "put away" those of us whom they consider to be the most adversarial to their plans. I am sure of this. And the rest of the nation will literally know only vague, faint rumors, or NOTHING AT ALL.

  2. Anonymous29.10.11

    I am confident that if and when most people in our military learn the TRUTH of what is going on here in the US, and of the ultimate INTENT of what the FEDS is, there will be war between our military and the Feds. However, our gov is doing all it can to EMPLOY returned soldiers that seem to be the type that will "only follow orders," in the Feds actions against citizens. In this poor economy and times of financial desperation, these soldiers WILL do as the Feds say in order to keep their income, benefits and retirement going, as well as their "elevated status" as "elite members of the Fed government." This nation and thus the world is in deep trouble, for "they" have already been in control of almost all media for far too long, and SO many of us in the military, law enforcement, Fed gov and even private citizens are TOTALLY misinformed and under their spell.


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