Tuesday, October 21, 2008

DOF advisory: red

Analysts have advised the DOF Directorate of Information (DOFDI) that a code "orange" terror alert is unlikely to produce the intended effect of bringing more security-minded voters to exercise discretion at the polls on 4 November 2008.

Accordingly, DOF has advised DHS to raise the Homeland Security Terror Alert Level Status to "red" within the next seven days. Furthermore, it is strongly advised that this action be taken in coordination with other branches of government; including the White House, the Pentagon, Fox News and other major networks.

Friday, October 17, 2008

DOF requests raised security threat level

DOF has issued an urgent request to DHS to raise the The National Security Threat Level from "yellow" to "orange" in advance of the November 4 election. APA certified psychologist Dr. Vince Mince reports that unless the threat level is raised to "orange" within the next two weeks, "fear insufficiency" may deter many security-minded voters from going to the polls. Mince writes:
In such an event, a relatively reckless, youthful cohort of voters is likely to comprise a large proportion of the electorate.

Five great years

DOF staff want to congratulate our friends at Homeland Security -- particularly Mike and the rest of the leadership team -- for making history these past five years.

How effective has Homeland Security been? Well, ask yourselves this question: Since 2003 -- when the Department of Homeland Security was founded -- have Americans become less fearful of the world or more fearful? We at DOF firmly believe the latter. Today most Americans have a robust and healthy fear of the unknown.

Given recent events, that is quite an accomplishment. To think that nothing -- not the destruction of New Orleans, not the prospect of Iraq turning into a failed state, nor even the collapse of the US financial system -- has overtaken "the unknown" as Americans' greatest fear. Against the odds, Homeland Security has successfully nurtured fear of the unknown in the hearts and minds of the American People.

While Congress squabbles, Americans know that Homeland Security will be there to protect America's major corporations from the really serious dangers: the threats that have yet to strike us.

We at DOF are proud partners of Mike and the entire team at HS.