Wednesday, June 29, 2011

U2 in concert!

A liberal blog (of all places!) explains the significance of this video:
State Department legal advisor Harold Koh is turning out to be the Obama administration’s John Yoo.  He spoke at a Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing on Tuesday to explain his ridiculous interpretation of the War Power Resolution which Obama favored over the advice of his top military and administration legal advisers....

Office of Legal Counsel adviser John Yoo during the Bush administration was so accommodating in his interpretation of law and executive power that Bush and his team placed the greatest emphasis on his counsel, which provided legal sanction to Bush war crimes, especially regarding torture. The Obama administration has relied on Koh’s legal advice on everything from detention policies to drone strikes and now on Libya. Every administration needs their lawyer liar.
Harold Koh speaks and acts in concert with the approach pioneered by John Yoo.

But defending the extralegal initiation of a war takes a lot more guts than writing up a justification for the president's right to torture terror suspects.    That's why the staff of the United States Department of Fear admire the second even more than the first.  We think Obama's Yoo is...

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