Friday, June 10, 2011

If the enemy isn't nearby, Americans seek friendly advice

The death of Osama bin Laden was something to celebrate, but it leaves us without a high-profile enemy. One idea we're tossing around is funding a new Cold War. What future world power would you like to see us picking fights with?


Let's stick with the Global War on Terror.
Let's pursue domestic threats more agressively so as not to remain dependent on foreign enemies.
Let's continue to militarize the war on drugs and look south of the border.
Let's go with Israel's recommendation

Total votes: 45 

The survey was conducted May 16-26, 2011.  
Following the death of Bin Laden, Americans were given a chance to have a say on who our next enemy should be.

We're please that so many of you (35%) want us to pick a fight with China. But hold your horses! We're still learning from China. Moreover, making an enemy of largest trading partner is problematic for our partners on Wall Street.

The most popular option is the most appealing to your government:  The most popular response among the respondents (42%) believe America should outsource the process of designating our future enemy to our closest friend and ally situated in the most volatile region of the world.   Indeed, Israel is ideally situated to identify any future enemy for the United States.

Almost half of respondents are enthusiastic about combating local threats to the Homeland. We are pleased that solid constituencies support pursuing domestic threats more aggressively (24%) and escalating the War on Drugs (24%). 

The principle we draw from our survey is that if the enemy isn't close to home, Americans yearn to go with the advice of their toughest friend.

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