Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Preferring Fox News, Air Force blocks liberal media sites

The United States Department of Fear has long maintained that Americans -- particularly employees of the federal government -- should get their news from Fox.  In our experience, the so-called liberal media is an unreliable source of information about the biggest threats to the American Way of Life. Of course, these include terrorism, drugs, social activism, and illegal immigration.

In a positive development, the US Air Force has apparently used the New York Times' decision to publish the stolen US government documents released by WikiLeaks as a pretext for blocking the newspaper's website -- along with 25 other liberal media sites that have been actively promoting America's dangerous new enemy.   The effect of this move will be to encourage US Air Force staff to turn to America's "fair and balanced" news source.

Fox News reported:
Other sites that have been blocked include Germany's Der Spiegel, France's Le Monde, Britain's Guardian and Spain's El Pais... is not one of the blocked sites...
The only thing worse than the New York Times is a left wing European paper.   It goes without saying that Americans can't possibly learn anything they need to know from Le Monde, a socialist French paper.    For one thing, nobody reads French. 

It should be pointed out that American troops don't want access the New York Times or any leftist European  newspaper sites.  Back in 2008 Right's Pundit reported:
It makes perfect sense to me that troops overseas would prefer Fox News because they are getting fair treatment and fair perspective in the war coverage provided. Troops and their families are also frequently honored by FOX for their great service and sacrifice to this country.

...The troop’s choice? It’s Fox News.
Fox News had this to say about the strong support the network enjoys at US military installations around the world:

It's not just the military, at DoF Center in Washington D.C., our televisions are always tuned to Fox News.  The staff wouldn't have it any other way.

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