Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Harper adviser says WikiLeaks could cause war

Does Canadian prime minister Stephen Harper understand the threat WikiLeaks poses to the topside of North America? It would seem so.  Speaking on CBC television, Harper advisor Tom Flanagan, recognizing that WikiLeaks has perpetrated a digital 9/11,  prudently called for the elimination of Julian Assange, the organization's leader:
"Well I think Assange should be assassinated actually. I think Obama should put out a contract and maybe use a drone or something."
As Flanagan shares DoF's view of the world, DoF looks forward to working more closely with the office of the Canadian prime minister in the future.   (In connection with Flanagan's bold idea, we are also hoping the Canadians can help persuade the British government to provide an airspace corridor just outside of London).

With the help of Canada, we're going to get Julian Assange. In the meantime, be afraid.

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