Thursday, December 2, 2010

An opportunity to test a bunker-buster nuclear bomb

DoF has learned that WikiLeaks, the organization responsible for the ongoing "digital 9/11" attack on America, is storing 250,000 State Department cables -- stolen US government property -- in a data center  located in an underground bunker in Sweden (photo, above, shows the actual facility).    In addition,  WikiLeaks is probably using the facility to store confidential financial data belonging to a large, highly respected Wall Street bank.  The likely result of the release of this information would be another taxpayer-funded bank bail-out.

From CNN:

"If Wikileaks founder Julian Assange is trying to turn himself into a Bond villain, he's succeeded: the ongoing distributed denial of service attack against Wikileaks has forced his minions to move the site to a fortified data center encased in a cold war-era, nuke-proof bunker encased in bedrock. Really."
Forbes has further details about the storage site:
"That data center will store Wikileaks' data 30 meters below ground inside a Cold-War-era nuclear bunker carved out of a large rock hill in downtown Stockholm. The server farm has a single entrance and is outfitted by half-meter thick metal doors and backup generators pulled from German submarines --fitting safeguards, perhaps."

One video, from a group called Data Center Pulse, describes the center as one of the coolest on earth and "fit for a James Bond villain." A man who describes himself as Bahnhof's CEO in the video says that the inspiration for the center actually was "science fiction and James Bond movies."
WikiLeak's use of this bunker presents an opportunity for America to test a bunker-buster nuclear warhead.   The development of the B61-11 nuclear warhead, green-lighted by president Clinton, became  a top priority of Vice President Cheney and former Sec Def Don Rumsfeld.  Although the missile is not yet in production, DoF has learned that a functioning prototype is available from Los Alamos.

Other advantages of nuking WikiLeaks
By using the B61-11 nuclear warhead against WikiLeaks's data center, we can send Iran a clear message.   Sweden, a sparsely populated country, is an ideal place to test this kind of technology in the unlikely event that anything should go wrong.  

A nuclear strike against WikiLeaks is an opportunity too good to pass up.  In addition to striking fear in the hearts of Tehran's monstrous leaders, the destruction of WikiLeaks' data center should reignite public enthusiasm for the continued development of America's nuclear arsenal in the years ahead.
This video describes how nuclear bunker-buster technology works:

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