Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Obama: totally baked

Obama may seem calm and cool in contrast to the impulsive John McCain. Don't believe it. A team of APA certified psychologists -- on leave from a CIA black site in Thailand -- have concluded that Obama is a habitual user of Cannabis sativa. In colloquial parlance, the candidate is usually stoned.

Dr. Mark Wetboard of UCLA summarized the panel's conclusion: "In our dangerous world, how else could a US presidential candidate remain so calm and cool, giving off the impression that he is so in control of things?"


  1. Anonymous3.3.12

    I think it is wrong to say this type of clinical rubbish out loud. It is not only wrong morally but it is illegal you can be had for stander. My husband does not take drugs or really a head ache tablet yet in all the offices he works people all comment on how calm he is almost as if he is meditating, but he is the one in the office who gets things done and every one from the top to the lower office worker come to him for help and advice.

  2. Anonymous3.3.12

    I think the team of APA certified psychologists is totally baked.


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