Sunday, October 23, 2011

Police pepper spray haka dancers

In early June we reported on the arrest of dancers at the Thomas Jefferson Memorial in Washington D.C. (See "SWAT team protects Jefferson Memorial from Dancers")

The latest victory in our War on Dance occurred last week after Utah police witnessed a group of Polynesians perform an unauthorized dance at a high school football game.

Proving they were in control of the situation, police pepper sprayed the dancers. One by one the dancers fell to the ground.

NZ Herald reports:
Spectators, coaches and players told police that everything was fine and they should let the men perform, Jessica Rasmussen said, but officers asked them to make room and started using pepper spray.

Rasmussen said she and other bystanders also got spray in their eyes, ears and mouths.  Union fan Jason Kelly said the way police reacted was an embarrassment to the community of Roosevelt.

"I've never seen anything like it," Kelly said. "It was totally unprovoked."
When asked about the incident, our own Dr. Rebecca Wolf, Undersecretary for Information, said the police action against the dancers was consistent with  U.S. Dept. of Fear guidelines.

Dr. Wolf said, "As you can see from the video, confronted with the spectacle of an Unauthorized Dance Situation, police action was heroic.  We believe police on the scene may have received special training from Homeland Security."
Video and story h/t mlake9 on Twitter.

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