Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Our partnership with WalMart

In the following video, a WalMart customer relations officer provides information to a customer about our partnership with WalMart.  Our purpose is to keep the American People conscious of national security issues at all times.  If we can alert them to terror threat even while they're scrounging for affordable food and clothing, so much the better!

We understand that some WalMart stores are playing this next video continuously.  We love Janet:

WalMart's participation in the program is patriotic, but it also makes good business sense for three reasons:  
  1. This kind of program lubricates the relationship between a large corporation and the government.  WalMart knows it's unlikely that the Justice Department will pursue an anti-trust case against the company anytime soon.  As you may recall, the US Supreme Court recently ruled against female employees of the store, siding with WalMart.  
  2. Some psychologists believe that fear makes people spend money more freely.  By reminding shoppers of the looming terror threat, shoppers may be willing to spend more money.  They will rake up credit card debt today, knowing there could be no tomorrow.  
  3. When a cabinet secretary creates a special announcement for WalMart, mentioning the store by name, the implication is that the United States government considers WalMart is respectable establishment.  That's the implicit message that every shopper hears.  Shoppers realize that if the government trusts WalMart to serve as full-fledged national security partner, surely a consumer can trust the store to provide the lowest prices.  (The cost of low prices to the community and republic be damned).  
As George W. Bush taught the American People, the most patriotic response to the threat of terrorism is to go shopping.   And throughout a decade of free-spending and safety from terrorism, Americans discovered the wisdom of those words.  

Videos via Fighting for Liberty


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