Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Our sincerest apologies to Wall Street

POTUS and SecFear discussing threats to national security after diving among sharks in Hawaii.

Dear readers,

In late December DoF staff posted an opinion piece on this blog that had been forwarded to me by SecFear.  I mistakenly assumed that the article had been written by Mr. Stag III, who was vacationing with the president in Hawaii at the time.   

In fact, the article was written by Mr. Frank Aaronson, a decorated Vietnam War veteran and former intelligence man. 

Mr. Aaronson's piece has upset many of our readers, especially DoF supporters in the financial community.   In fact, DoF has received hundreds of emails complaining about the posting.  This tweet is fairly typical of the reaction:
Bob  Apparently @ doesn't understand the country's fiscal situation. Someone should educate them.

Please understand that the article represented only the views of Mr. Frank Aaronson.    On behalf of DoF, I sincerely apologize for the misunderstanding.

Rest assured that DoF remains a strong and loyal supporter not only of the defense sector, but also Wall Street and the entire US financial industry.  For example, DoF fully supports calls for non-military spending cuts. We also recognize that America's most successful citizens are in need of additional tax relief. 


Rebecca Wolf, Ph.D.
Undersecretary for Community and Social Media

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