Thursday, January 27, 2011

ABC News identifies world's most dangerous man

President Obama has put out a contract on this American citizen. And with good reason.  Now ABC News reports that this targeted America cleric may well be the most dangerous man in the world:
Yemen is a growing training ground for al Qaeda and is the home of Anwar al-Alawki, the man considered every bit as dangerous -- if not more -- than Osama bin Laden. He helped the failed Christmas Day bomber, inspired the Times Square bomber, and has called for more attacks on Americans. Bombs on board cargo planes also came from Yemen.
Consider this: Anwar al-Alawki is somehow linked to more failed bomb plots than any man alive.  Such a reckless man surely threatens not only the survival of the United States, but also the safety of his fellow terrorists.  The article continues:
Yemeni troops are going after al Qaeda, but that is at risk if the government is overthrown in the poverty stricken nation.

"Yemen becomes an absolute mess," Bender said. "I think the fear is that this would simply fall apart."

So while protests may be cause for cheering in some nations, in others they are making American officials very nervous.
A dangerous American citizen with ties to California is on the lose in Yemen.  President Obama is trying to kill him, but the CIA can't seem to find him.  Now ABC News says this guy could be more dangerous than Osama bin Laden.   Meanwhile, the government of Yemen could fall.  Who's to say Anwar al-Alawki won't seize power in Yemen and try to buy a nuke from North Korea? 
One thing's for sure: if American government officials -- the guys protecting us -- are "very nervous," then you should be too.

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