Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Four Fears

The Four Freedoms are engraved in stone at the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial in Washington D.C.   
In his State of the Union Address of January 6, 1941, Franklin Delano Roosevelt proposed rights that people "everywhere in the world" ought to enjoy in what would become known as his "Four Freedoms" speech.  

Seventy years later, in a speech at the Free Enterprise Institute, a Washington DC think tank, SecFear Malcolm P. Stag III gave an important address to the defense and intelligence communities.  The statement was broadcast live on Fox News.   In the historic speech SecFear discussed his vision for America, modeled after FDR's "Four Freedoms".

SecFear said, "I call upon our government and its partners in industry to embrace the new state of the American psyche.  The time has come to commit ourselves to 'The Four Fears.'"

SecFear described the "Four Fears" as bedrock principles for a new American century.  On an overhead screen, over an image of stars and stripes, a list of The Four Fears was projected:
The Four Fears
  • Fear of Terrorism
  • Fear of Social Activists
  • Fear of Marijuana
  • Fear of Illegal Immigrants
Sec. Stag said, "Security professionals should constantly remind the public of the Four Fears. This is the best way to ensure continued public support for profitable national security initiatives."

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