Monday, May 10, 2010

How to achieve maximum benefits from fear

"Ask not what your Fear Dept. can do for you..."
DoF blog reader Doug Kahn writes,
I'm afraid. Is there any guaranteed method of maximizing my benefit from this?
We thought Mr. Kahn asked a great question, so we passed his note along to Sec. Malcolm P. Stag. III.   The founding director of our agency dictated this response:
It's good that you're afraid, Doug. But don't be alone with your fear. Learn as much as you can about what scares your fellow Americans. If you are truly afraid, you probably already watch Fox News.  We invite you to take the next step:  Subscribe to the DoF blog or follow DoF alerts on Twitter. Soak it up.

Then reflect, Doug.  To paraphrase Jack Kennedy, ask not how you might "benefit" from fear, but how you can contribute to its dissemination.  Fear cries out to be exchanged, circulated.   Ultimately, you need to ask what you have to give. 

If you're entrepreneurial, you might want to start a company selling security equipment. Otherwise, plan your investment strategy carefully.  I suggest you invest in leading US corporations that speak the language of fear.  Defense contractors tend to be fluent in the tongue.

Make yourself part of this flow -- this exchange of ideas. 
DoF welcomes your questions and comments and will do our best to respond to them.

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Dr. Rebecca Wolf
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