Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Winners of the 2014 Scare Me Shitless Awards

To view all the nominees, click here.

After the jump: our tally of final results for all nominees and a copy of the original poll.

Final results:

10 (06%)  Toothpaste terror threat - Guardian 
9 (07%) Scottish independence - The Daily Mail 
8 (08%) Russia in Ukraine - BBC 
7 (09%) Terror Clowns - AFP 
6 (12%) Hamas rockets - Times of Israel 
6 (12%) Khorasan Group - AP 
5 (13%) Sony cyberattack - NPR 
4 (15%) Bloodthirsty protesters - Fox News 
3 (18%) Ebola - CNN 
2 (26%) ISIS at the Mexican border - Fox New 
1 (38%)  Eboa x ISIS - CNN 

Scare Me Shitless Awards 

Citizens were asked to submit nominations for the 2014 Scare Me Shitless Awards (The Scary's). The award recognizes media organizations that have gone the extra mile to create fear out of non-events. 

You are invited to vote for whatever non-event and media organization you consider most deserving of a Scary Award. You may vote for more than one nominee. To view descriptions of the nominees scroll down or click here.

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