Monday, July 21, 2014

The Middle East Desk

In honor of Israel's work in Gaza, we're posting a section from the "Foreign Affairs" chapter of Fear for America by the U.S. Department of Fear. Considered the essential guidebook to our activities, Fear for America comprises our most important tweets from the first term of the Obama administration.  It is published by The Fear Press.

Note: In the ebook, clicking the chapter title takes you to the Table of Contents and clicking a link under the chapter title takes you to the respective section.  Here these links don't work.



The United States has diplomatic relations with around 180 of the 190 countries in the world. For over a decade, the U.S. has been working tirelessly to convince every country to embrace the fear of terrorism. The techniques of diplomacy used by the U.S. include threats (you’re either with us or you’re with the terrorists), coercion (most favored nation status), and force (responsibility to protect).  

There’s no faction-ridden corner of the Middle East we don’t think it’s our business to stick our noses in. 


We remind our media partners that Gaza isn’t Syria. Under-report Palestinian casualties. Don’t treat Gaza eyewitness accounts as credible.

If Gaza had any interest in getting attention *peacefully* they’d have championed something humanitarian and creative like... a flotilla. 


Syrian War’s Spillover Threatens a Fragile Iraq
BREAKING: The jihadist insurgency we back in Syria now threatens the stability of Iraq.

Iraq Wants Exxon Out, Russia In

The Involvement of Salafism/Wahhabism in the Support and Supply of Arms to Rebel Groups Around the World
Some Qatar-channeled arms and money for Syria rebels may have been diverted to Sunni militants in neighboring Iraq. Sorry about that. 


At departmental meetings, it’s rare that a staff member will speak out against Israeli policy. Nobody here wants to be called an anti-Semite.

Congress plans cuts to our military, social security, Medicare, education, and foreign aid. Aid to Israel, of course, will increase.

Israel Won’t Warn US Before Iran Strike
$3 billion/year sure doesn’t buy us much leverage.

Palestinians Say Freeze in US Aid Taking Effect
We warned Israel that if they continued building settlements we would cut aid to the Palestinians.

If they build them, we will pay. 

Saudi Arabia

Why leave secular regimes in place to fend off al-Qaeda when Saudi-backed replacements are available? #Syria

Licking the boots of a Saudi prince never hurt anyone’s career in this town.

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