Saturday, June 29, 2013

We killed Nelson Mandela's dear friend

We ordered the assassination of a man whom Mandela felt a strong moral obligation toward. It happened on President Obama's watch.  Can you guess which of the hundreds of people we've targeted for assassination since 2008 this individual could be?

Nelson Mandela explains his loyalty to the man.

Here's a transcript:
I have also invited Libyan leader Gaddafi to this country. And I do that because our moral authority dictates that we should not abandon those who helped us in the darkest hour in the history of this country. Not only did they support us in victory, they gave us the resources for us to conduct this struggle and to win. And those South Africans who have berated me for being loyal to our friend, literally, they can go and throw themselves into a pool.
Mandela defends his decision to invite Gaddafi to his swearing-in ceremony as President of South Africa in 1994.  Three years later South Africa awarded Gaddafi the Order of Good Hope.

You may recall what we did to Nelson Mandela's dear friend.

President Obama's Secretary of State had this to say when she received word of Gaddafi's passing.

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