Monday, April 25, 2011

The case for Donald Trump

Even if Donald Trump's bid for the presidency is not successful, his contribution to political thought in America cannot be underestimated.   Trump is the first presidential candidate to explain to Americans that military spending and empire are not the problem, but the solution to our economic troubles.   

There's a lot to like about superstar capitalist Donald Trump,  an American legend who has committed his life to building a profitable business empire for himself.    Trump recently told FoxNews that he's "a good businessman" who has "done a great job and made a lot of great decisions."  Those are inspiring words.

Donald Trump also told FoxNews that he has "great values."  Trump's values include high military spending and empire building. 
Donald Trump understands that the democratic approach to empire-building is failing America. It's discouraging when we "free" a country from one dictator (Hussein, Mohammed Omar), only to watch them fall into misrule under new leaders who are susceptible to the influence of our enemies (Iran).      Trump's idea is that America should go in for the resources and stay there until we've got our fair share.    From the Fox interview, it sounds as if Trump would favor taking out Iraq's Iran-friendly government and putting an American in charge (from about 3:20 13:20).   Elsewhere Trump has indicated that he would take Libya's oil.

Trump realizes that supporting American men and women in uniform is the key to building and maintaining tomorrow's more profitable American empire. Therefore, Trump is forthright about the need to increase military spending.  In Trump's own words:  "You have the military.  Our military is great. The other thing I'd do is I wouldn't cut the military, in fact I would increase the military.  I hate when they say 'I would cut the military.'"  (18:45)

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  1. Anonymous27.4.11

    Typo: The Iraq part starts at 13:20 not 3:20.


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