Saturday, June 5, 2010

Gaza terror flotillas pose danger to Americans

This week the world learned that the terrorists will even use the cover of aid ships as a pretext to attack Israeli soldiers.  The Jerusalem Post has profiled the identity of passengers on board one ship in the so-called "aid flotilla":
Dozens of passengers who were aboard the Mavi Marmara Turkish passenger ship are suspected of having connections with global jihad-affiliated terrorist organizations, defense officials said on Tuesday, amid growing concerns that Turkish warships would accompany a future flotilla to the Gaza Strip.

According to the defense officials, the IDF has identified about 50 passengers on the ship who could have terrorist connections with global jihad-affiliated groups.
Israel apprehended ships full of terrorists in search of martyrdom.  According to a new DoF report, last minute intervention against the flotilla by the heroic IDF forces likely saved many American lives.  The report takes into account the timing of the flotilla mission.   Every summer thousands of American holiday-makers cruise the Mediterranean.  Cruise ships may well have been the intended target of the flotilla. Were it not for decisive Israeli military intervention, tourists might have unwittingly fallen prey to this terror flotilla.

This is the third "Gaza aid flotilla," there will likely be others. In the eastern Mediterranean, the only thing standing between your cruise ship and a terrorist convoy is the Israeli military.  Take this opportunity to call your congressman or senator and ask that the United States increase military assistance to Israel.  

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