Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The whole world is the battlefield

Sen. Lindsey Graham, hearings of April 14:
I totally agree that if you’re going to charge someone under domestic criminal law you should read them their rights, I would just urge my colleagues to understand that when you’re fighting a war, and you capture people on the battlefield, and the whole world is the battlefield in my view, the primary goal is to find out what they know about enemy operations, get them off the battlefield, then reserve prosecution decisions later, so I hope we do not criminalize the war and we will remain flexible, pragmatic and aggressive.
You cannot escape the battlefield.  It is everywhere.


  1. Anonymous9.5.10

    If the whole world is the battlefield, what does "remove them from the battlefield" mean?

  2. I've emailed your question to Sec. Malcolm P. Stag III. Sec. Stag will be back in the office on Monday.



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