Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Al-Qaida WMD threat calls for more defense spending

Greenwald, towards  the end of an otherwise pedantic blog post about budgetary matters,  describes how America ought to respond to the breaking MSNBC* report pictured at right. Greenwald:
But we should all try to remain a little calm, at least.  I'm sure if we just buy some more fighter jets, create some better underground bombs, invade a few more Muslim countries, keep more Muslims Islamic terrorists [sic] imprisoned forever with no charges, give the Pentagon, the CIA and their private contractors a lot more unaccounted-for cash and stay out of their way, expand our domestic spying networks even further through private sector telecom contracts, pour tens of billions of dollars more into the coffers of our Middle East client states, and kill a few more civilians terrorists [sic] with drones, this problem will be handled.  It's just a matter of making sure we bulk up our military budget -- and Look Forward, not Backward to what was done in the past -- and we'll be able to Stay Safe from this Terrorist-WMD menace.
[USDOF legal council have edited some lines due to concerns about political correctness - ed]

Greenwald, who typically blogs about superfluous pre-war constitutional matters, actually makes some valid points here.  As Greenwald explains, various military and security initiatives can go along way towards keeping American corporations secure in our dangerous world.  These measures require spending significantly more on defense.   Elsewhere in the post, Greenwald notes that less than half the federal budget goes towards defense.  Well, where is all the rest of the money going?  What could be more important than national security?  

Greenwald anticipates that increasing defense spending would have a calming effect on the population.  USDOF understands this risk, and -- cognizant of the need to counter it -- is planning new campaigns.

*Regrettably, USDOF media analysts missed the MSNBC story as our televisions are usually tuned to FOX News, but we are committed to partnering with MSNBC parent company GE.

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